The AlcoScan AL4000, is a coin operated alcohol breath analyser with an elegant and distinctive design, wich can be programmed to accept coins of 50 cents, 1.00 or 2.00 €.

Offer your customers a simple and effective way to control blood alcohol, preventing accidents with serious consequences.

The AL-4000 can also be purchased with a 7'' LCD , to display photographs or videos, ideal to advertise your business, services or products.

With an low power consumption and reduced maintenance, your only concerns are keeping straws in the container and replace the sensor every 1000 usages.

Ideal for

   - Bars
   - Nightclubs
   - Casinos
   - Restaurants
   - Billiard halls
   - Hotels
   - Cinemas

Technical Specifications

   - Coin operated alcohol breath analyser;
   - Wall Instalation;
   - 7'' LCD Photo Frame (optional);
   - The sensor module should be replaced after 1000 tests;
   - Count the number of tests perfomed;

Data Sheet

Sensor: Fuel Cell
Accuracy: 0.00 a 5,00 g/l
Calibration:Not necessary (just need to replace the sensor)
Read Time Results: +/- 3 seconds
Sensibilidade do sensor: +/- 0.005 g/l
Display:7'' LCD
Weight:7 Kg
Dimmensions: 250 mm Width x 410mm Height x 115mm Thickness
Coin Acceptor:0.50, 1 or 2 euros
Guarantee: 2 years
How to purchase

We offer two ways you can have this device on your commercial establishment:

   - Purchase - from 740,00€
   - Vending - we take care of everything and still gets 20%
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